NSF IRES China 2018

Kimberly Bennett

Name: Kimberly Bennett
Year: First Year
Major: Bioengineering
Career Interest: Neuroengineering
Hobbies: Camping and Hiking
Favorite Food: Salmon!
Why you want to go to China: I have always been fascinated by chinese culture and look forward to experiencing it first-hand while sinultaneuously working on an amazing project with equally amazing people.

Leslie De Jesus

Name: Leslie De Jesus
Year: Second Year
Major: Electrical Engineering
Career Interest: Integrated Systems and Photography
Hobbies: Exploring and Photography
Favorite Food: I love all foods equally
Why you want to go to China: I love adventuring and exploring new places. Our visit to China will be my first time visiting a foreign country. I am super excited to be introduced to a new culture and see all the things China has to offer.

Soraya Johnson

Name: Soraya Johnson
Year: Second Year
Major: Chemial Engineering
Career Interest: Nanotechnology
Hobbies: Theater, Dance, Making Music
Favorite Food: Anything Sweet
Why you want to go to China: Visiting China this summer excites me because of how different the culture and lifestyle is outside America. I also look forward to gaining research experience and growing as a team over the course of this summer. I have a pretty bad sweet tooth, so I hope to find Chinese desserts and delicacies to try.

Jordan Keys

Name: Jordan Keys
Year: Fourth Year
Major: Bioengineering
Career Interest: Nanotechnology and Biodegradable Implantation
Hobbies: Painting and Gardening
Favorite Food: Indian Curry
Why you want to go to China: I think it's important to see the world from different perspectives, and that's why I can't wait to immerse myself in a new culture and get out of my comfort zone. I'm also excited to work with and learn from a diverse team of students to help develop this field of research.

Catherine Lai

Name: Catherine Lai
Year: First Year
Major: Electrical Engineering
Career Interest: Software Engineer
Hobbies: Tennis and Badminton
Favorite Food: Anything noodle soup
Why you want to go to China: I love traveling and it's probably been about a decade since i have visited China and my relatives.

Jacob Poole

Name: Jacob Poole
Year: Third Year
Major: Computer Science
Career Interest: Education and Embedded Systems
Hobbies: Video Games, Hiking, Fooding
Favorite Food: Burritos of any kind
Why you want to go to China: My mom is Chinese and I'm interested in seeing where my family traditions come from. I'm a big one for food so I'm super excited to eat the delicious food.