NSF IRES China 2018

5/23/18 - Dinner with IRES Team

The IRES team set up a dinner to get to know each other. We went to a local restaurant called Ten Ren's Tea Time where we ate chinese food and ramen.

5/19/18 - Testing at Lake Perris

On Saturday (5/19/18), the IRES team met up with the NEEC team in the lab at 10AM and departed to Lake Perris to gather data. This was the first time the NEEC team would be using a watercraft to transport their photon receiver. After lunch, half the team stayed at the main site of the laser, while the other half went on the boat. The power supply for the receiver, unfortunately, ran out of power too quickly so the team was not able to gather as much data as they had hoped to. They improvised and quickly agreed to finish gathering data over land for the 800, 1000, and 1200 meter marks. They tested their laser and receiver by adjusting the angle of one machine at a time, incrementing 15 degrees each time, starting from 0 to 90 degrees. They took 20 data points for each angle to make up for any discrepancies. They finished taking data at 10PM through the freezing wind at the lakeside.

1/31/18 - First Meeting

This was our first meeting where we met each other and Albert Wang, the professor running the IRES program. Sadly, Morgan wasn't able to continue with the program. We later added Kimberly to the group.