NSF IRES China 2018

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National Science Foundation

Tsinghua University

Dr. Albert Wang

Jun Wang

Program Description

   Scientific and technological research and education are increasingly global in nature. Other countries are increasing their investments in these areas. It is critically important for the nation's science and technology enterprise that the U.S. scientists and engineers, at the early stages in their careers, develop international experiences and capabilities to support and participate in these activities. Efforts to expose future generations of U.S. scientists and engineers to first-hand professional experiences beyond the nation's borders, and addition of international dimensions to our scientific and technological education models are essential to the future of the nation. The National Science Foundation International Research Experiences for Students (NSF-IRES) program is sponsoring the travel of six undergraduate science and engineering students from the University of California, Riverside to China to participate in international research. The purpose of this program is to globally engage U.S. students in international research and cultural exchange. This will be achieved at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China and the surrounding culturally rich areas.